Our Vision

The Antloans Difference

To inspire and empower everyday Australians to achieve their financial dreams.



The Antloans Misison

Our Mission

Here at Antloans we strive to set impeccable standards of customer service for our clients and to become known for bringing a human element back to the lending industry.  We believe taking care of our clients’ needs and helping them achieve financial independence goes hand in hand with Antloans’ success.


Our Customers

We listen, we learn, we improve.

  • We put customers at the centre of everything we do.
  • We deliver a lending experience rather than a lending transaction.
  • We listen to our customers’ feedbacks and continually seek ways to improve our service quality.
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The Antloans Family

Our People

  • We are small individuals in one big team.
  • We are all equal at work and in life.
  • We are leaders of ourselves, and we take responsibility of our own actions and decisions.


Our Values

  • We work as a team, and we work hard to prosper and grow. 
  • We learn, develop and help each other to be better everyday. 
  • We give back.

Our Culture

  • We treat everyone with respect.
  • We innovate. 
  • We challenge the status quo. 
  • We learn and we grow. 
  • We love what we do, and we celebrate what we achieve.